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Charles River Investment Management Solution helps automates the front and middle office investment process for:

“Charles River Investment Management Solution allows us to streamline our investment processes, from portfolio analytics through to execution and settlement.”

Investment firms, asset owners, wealth managers, hedge funds and insurers in more than 30 countries rely on Charles River’s front and middle office investment management platform to manage more than US$30 Trillion in assets. Together with State Street’s middle and back office capabilities, Charles River’s cloud-deployed software technology forms the foundation of State Street Alpha℠[6]. The Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS[7]) is designed to automate and simplify the institutional investment process across asset classes, from portfolio management and risk analytics[8] through trading[9] and post-trade settlement[10], with integrated compliance[11] and managed data[12] throughout. Charles River’s growing partner ecosystem enables clients to seamlessly access external data and analytics, applications and liquidity venues that support the demands of their product and asset class mix. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, we serve clients globally with more than 1,000 employees in 11 regional offices.

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